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Welcome! to the about page of Pointless nEw………….

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Going back to the topic, Pointless News is a website that comes from the inner passion of online news articles that i’ve read. The mission of this website is to show you the more ridiculous side of the internet, and the articles that it craps out every day. You’d be surprised that even professional newspapers screw up……..

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Well i’ve got to hurry up now, The slogan of the website is “The only content that you need in you’re life” witch is absolutely false. I mean you can live a wonderful life without this website, but this brings me to the second point of the website. This website has the second goal of giving you news that you really find POINTLESS, that it really has no meaning or does not affect you’re life. I bid my farewell, and all of you have a nice day i’ve got a fire to escape.

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About the Creator
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Hello, im BAACK! Well i escaped stealing a fire extinguisher, but being back here i forgot to mention myself.
Greetings im José García “CEO” of Pointless News. Im a student of the Universidad del Sagrado Corazon of San Juan, Puerto Rico. I am studying what i am most interested in that is Marketing. My hobbies are driving on a manual transmission, editing  videos/pictures and playing video games. I hope that you find this website entertaining and thanks for reading.



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