Philosophical moments in the internet

Is the internet important, I dunno? That’s what I would’ve said when I was 6 years old, when I only used it to play games instead of watching videos, posting in social media and doing work on it. I really think that it has evolved a lot, REALLY I mean it. For example, do you remember when YouTube was a website full of funny videos and skits? I prefer those days than what we have now because every video is the same now, lets have a guy sit in a chair or playing video games explaining the news, lets make the video supper long to make the $$$$$ and last of all lets make videos about Paul’s. Want me to tell you the secret of making the Paul brothers irrelevant???? STOP TALKING OF THEM! That boxing match was staged so it could be a draw, to get more $$$$$ in the next rematch. But yeah thats another thing pay to watch things in YouTube????? since when is this HBO/Pay per view. But thats my opinion of the internet so far.

Links to random Pointless News!

Do you really think you’re name sucks?

Internet magic tricks!

Have you ever wondered what was the first video of YouTube?



[Video: Me at the zoo, by jawed, license CC]

Did he ask the Elephants if he could videotape them?

elephant GIF


Then, what did happen……..?


[Photo: Windows setup fail, by Robin Laurén, License CC]


That reply represents the excitement of finishing this post.

[Featured image: Matrix movie still, by Markus Spiske, License CC]




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