Obi Wan’s reaction to his “cancelled” movie

Today in pointless news we’ll use a video/parody made by me of the news that i wish to convey in this post.

Hope you enjoy!

[Video: Obi Wan’s reaction to the “cancelation” of his movie by Jose Garcia, license CC]

[Featured image: white Star Wars action figure, by Jose Garcia, License CC]



Pointless News??????

Well this is strange for the first and only time were going to publish IMPORTANT news, thanks to the power of Diigo. With Diigo i’ve been able to bookmark the news that i’ve found.

Facebook hack: People’s accounts appear for sale on dark web | The Independent

US justice department sues California over new net neutrality law | Technology | The Guardian

Lifeprint’s augmented reality photos get the most obvious Harry Potter partnership ever – The Verge

China plans to be a world leader in Artificial Intelligence by 2030

My account at Diigo

[Featured Image: man standing inside the tunnel, Kyle Simmons, License CC]


Pointless News Remembers: Hurricane María

A year ago in this exact month the small island of Puerto Rico was forever changed for the better or for the worse.


Prologue :

Puerto Rico, a small island in the Caribbean that by coincidence is also part of the Bermuda Triangle. The citizens of the island were living normal and peaceful lives, at that time the economic “crisis” already started a long time ago. Because of this the islands streets and buildings were slowly decaying but at the time it wasn’t that apparent, the streets and buildings of the island in some places still looked clean and well maintained. Before Maria, there was another one Irma. This hurricane named Irma wasn’t that strong but with the weak power grid it left the island without electricity for 1/2 weeks. You see Irma was a test, it was to present what was coming to us further on the road.


Laving my definitely “real” Porche.


[Source: José García, License CC]

I remember when i was first aware of the new hurricane in the block. My family and i were at San Patricio enjoying the “luxury” at the time that was the internet. We finally have electricity yay! some time after eating we discovered in the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) book that another hurricane has formed and that its coming our way. Well alrighty then lets prepare for another one. At the last day of Pre Maria Puerto Rico i decided to download the first version of iOS 11, if you guys have iPhones then you know that this was a bad idea.

 The night of change: 

I was woken up by my parents and with everyone else in the house we hid together at a room of the house that had no windows. In there we din’t have electricity and what we mostly did at that time was talk and try to find a radio station that worked. After the whole event in our area dad decided and im not joking, “lets go to the other house”. I went with him to see if we could get out of the neighborhood, one problem….


[Source: José García, License CC]

blurred 2.1

[Source: José García, License CC]

As we soon discovered there was no way to leave the neighborhood, every single exist was blocked by some kind of debris. We returned to the house to try to find a new radio station.

A new perspective:


[Source: José García, License CC]

Some time after the hurricane, we finally had an exit point in the neighborhood and from there we went for the hunt of diesel. To give you a perspective, getting diesel at that time was like getting a hatcnhimal for the day before christmas. To be quite honest looking for diesel was one of the funnest and only part i liked, usually we would meet people and even high profile people too.

Blured edit.JPG

[Source: José García, License CC]

We’ve got a lot of rebuilding to do, thats what i thought at the time but now we get to the problems of Post Maria Puerto Rico. Remember when i said about the economic crisis, yeah thats a important factor. Yo see we’ve still not recovered, yeah now everyone has electricity a year after but the streets are still fully ruined, with the traffic lights that are dangling from their lines or simply do not work, buildings that look abandoned but in reality are fully operational. Maria has left us with less people and businesses, but at the same time it peeled the lies that we’ve been living since the early 2000’s, that the island is not ok but in bad shape physically and economically. Because of Maria people are now more aware than before, but time will tell what the future of this place is.


[Source: José García, License CC]


[Source: José García, License CC]


[Featured image: José García, License CC]

Pointless News Covers the Student Assembly

Today on the 25th of September was the student assembly at the “Universidad del Sagrado Corazon”, witch in the past was held in the month of October. Present in this assembly at the main table was the President of the University, the Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Vice President and Dean Student Affairs, Vice President of Finance and Operations and 2 students that were in charge of other parts of the University. At the assembly it was discussed the projects that the administration has worked on of student suggestions. In my opinion the most important news that the administration gave was that they will continue to add more features to the Jenzabar platform on their app and website, and that they are going to remodel parts of the student dorms and add solar power so that they can have water heating when there’s no electricity. Examples of what new ideas were brought by students in the assembly were to fix the streets of the campus, leave parts of the campus on overnight and change the hours and days of the language classes. At the end of the day this student assembly is very important, as you can hear of the current plans for the university and you can also give new ideas as a student.

[Featured image: selective focus photography of black corded microphone on stand, James Coleman, License CC]


The website has been updated, adding more features and content. The new About tab has a name reveal and the objectives of the website. The new contact page has been completely redesigned with the ability to send suggestions. Finally, new widgets are also included my accounts in social media.

[Featured image: space gray iPhone 6 with Facebook log-in display near Social Media scrabble tiles, William Iven, License CC]


CRAAP: Marketing in paper/digital


Lecturas de la biblioteca

Trujillo Limón, A. (2018). MARKETING FAILURES AND FIXES: All marketers make mistakes; wise marketers learn from them. Journal Of Financial Planning31(7), 22-26.

Gupta, H., Lam, T., Pettigrew, S., & Tait, R. J. (2018). Alcohol marketing on YouTube: exploratory analysis of content adaptation to enhance user engagement in different national contexts. BMC Public Health18(1), 141. doi:10.1186/s12889-018-5035-3

Velazquez, C. E., Black, J. L., & Potvin Kent, M. (2017). Food and Beverage Marketing in Schools: A Review of the Evidence. International Journal Of Environmental Research And Public Health14(9), doi:10.3390/ijerph14091054

Lecturas del internet

Loukakos, S. (2018, September 18). Why the future of digital marketing lies in automation and live chat. Retrieved September 18, 2018, from

Kurzer, R. (2018, September 18). Working with an AI vendor: How marketers can take the leap. Retrieved September 18, 2018, from


Reference 1: Marketing failures and fixes


Reference 2: Alcohol marketing on You Tube


Reference 3: Food and beverage marketing in schools


Reference 4: Why the future of digital marketing lies in automation and live chat


Reference 5: Working with an AI vendor



De todas estas referencias los que salieron perfectos al final fueron, Marketing failures and fixes y Why the future of digital marketing lies in automation and live chat.

[Featured image: view of floating open book from stacked books in library, Jaredd Craig, License CC]



The “Internet” Hurricane Place

As most of us know its hurricane season, but not just in the real world but in the Cyber World too. Because of this in these times of crisis, the news that comes out is supper “real” i “swear”. I mean i really do believe that Florence just turned into a SharkCain and yo will to……

Here is an explanation of the “REAL” news.

[Featured image: underwater photography of two black sharks, Adrian Smith, License CC]


Philosophical moments in the internet

Is the internet important, I dunno? That’s what I would’ve said when I was 6 years old, when I only used it to play games instead of watching videos, posting in social media and doing work on it. I really think that it has evolved a lot, REALLY I mean it. For example, do you remember when YouTube was a website full of funny videos and skits? I prefer those days than what we have now because every video is the same now, lets have a guy sit in a chair or playing video games explaining the news, lets make the video supper long to make the $$$$$ and last of all lets make videos about Paul’s. Want me to tell you the secret of making the Paul brothers irrelevant???? STOP TALKING OF THEM! That boxing match was staged so it could be a draw, to get more $$$$$ in the next rematch. But yeah thats another thing pay to watch things in YouTube????? since when is this HBO/Pay per view. But thats my opinion of the internet so far.

Links to random Pointless News!

Do you really think you’re name sucks?

Internet magic tricks!

Have you ever wondered what was the first video of YouTube?



[Video: Me at the zoo, by jawed, license CC]

Did he ask the Elephants if he could videotape them?

elephant GIF


Then, what did happen……..?


[Photo: Windows setup fail, by Robin Laurén, License CC]


That reply represents the excitement of finishing this post.

[Featured image: Matrix movie still, by Markus Spiske, License CC]



Experimentando con la Web

En el curso de inf103 de la Universidad del Sagrado Corazon estamos produciendo contenido Web por primera vez.

[Autor: Antonio Vantaggiato]


[Featured image: boy playing at laptop inside room, by Ludovic Toinel, License CC]


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