hey guys like youtube went down, soo what?

When the stars align and the Earth is a perfect circle we see stuff go down, yes I mean we’ll see big internet websites go down for short periods of time. Even though its short the world looses it, internet usage goes down, Twitter gets fed with so much whiny people and grandparents on Facebook are asking what the hell is the website that went down. But in the end of the day its their mistake and they should not make mistakes LIKE HUMANS!

Ok getting back in topic, for the looks of it YouTube went down on October 16, 2018 around 10:00PM. Like any important website everyone naturally went outside and shouted the: “Apocalypse is NEAR!….I said NEEAR!”. In this post by the website RNZ will show you what people did in the end of humanity.

[Original Image: Sad, by Edward Simpson, License CC]

[Image Manipulated by Me]



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