Pointless News Covers the Student Assembly

Today on the 25th of September was the student assembly at the “Universidad del Sagrado Corazon”, witch in the past was held in the month of October. Present in this assembly at the main table was the President of the University, the Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Vice President and Dean Student Affairs, Vice President of Finance and Operations and 2 students that were in charge of other parts of the University. At the assembly it was discussed the projects that the administration has worked on of student suggestions. In my opinion the most important news that the administration gave was that they will continue to add more features to the Jenzabar platform on their app and website, and that they are going to remodel parts of the student dorms and add solar power so that they can have water heating when there’s no electricity. Examples of what new ideas were brought by students in the assembly were to fix the streets of the campus, leave parts of the campus on overnight and change the hours and days of the language classes. At the end of the day this student assembly is very important, as you can hear of the current plans for the university and you can also give new ideas as a student.

[Featured image: selective focus photography of black corded microphone on stand, James Coleman, License CC]


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