News sources that I follow

Recently I’ve been shown an app named Feedly that is a great resource to keep tabs on the news sites you like. None of these are related to pointless news or where I get the ideas for posts, but these are news sites that I frequently visit:

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 1.48.15 PM


Here you can see 5 professional news websites  in the marketing tab named:

Advertising Age: Website that reports on advertising related news.

Adweek: This websites posts about ad campaigns.

Hubspot: This website talks about marketing and tips and tricks to that proffesion.

Marketing Land: Website that talks about marketing news.

Social Media Experiment: A website that talks about digital marketing.

Lastly you can see my personal interest news websites in the news and technology tab:

El Nuevo Día: The biggest newspaper on Puerto Rico.

MacRumors: Website that reports on Apple’s technology and happenings.

9to5Mac: A similar site like MacRumors that reports on the technology and happenings in Apple.

Dark Web News: Website that reports the happenings in the Dark Web.

The Verge: Website that reports on technology, science, culture, cars and reviews.

[Featured Image: person holding white Android smartphone, by rawpixel]




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