The DARK Web!

Dark Web Presentation:

The Dark Web, the place of illegal markets and questional material. Now what is it!? the Dark Web is a chain of many different websites with different content, what they all have in common is that you will need a special browser to access it like Tor, that gives you an encrypted browsing experience. Visiting these sites aren’t illegal per se, what makes them illegal is if you open their content or purchase anything from there. As you can imagine you may think that people who use these websites are criminals but in some cases no, researchers and government employees use the Dark Web, the reasons being the anonymity that it gives you. In conclusion the Dark Web may be used for evil, but it also has good motives.

As said in the previous paragraph, the technology used to specifically access the Dark Web is the web browser named Tor, that is actually funded by the US government and many big companies like Google. These programs can also be accessed on computers and even phones. Now what does Tor do? the features that the web browser provides is an advance encryption method, it also provides access to any region locked website that means that you have full access to the surface web, and finally it gives you access to the (.onion) websites AKA the Dark Web.

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